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Hey Anon!

Thanks for the message! I dunno how to put this…but all my photos are digital. The X100s is a very capable digital camera :)

The JPGs are edited via Lightroom to touch them up, or - in the case of Santorini and a few others - bring out how I feel the picture should have come up.

I mainly shoot JPGs as a challenge to learn how to ‘get it right in camera’, and to reduce my editing time.

Shooting film is something I haven’t considered - flick us a link to your blog! Would love to check it out! I’m always looking for inspiration from other photogs :)

Thanks for the message and your kind words :)
This was a three week holiday for my family and I.
Hopefully there will be more travel opportunities this year - crossing my fingers!

To get good photos - just follow lots of good blogs!
Examine what they do, then do what they do with your own little twist.

Hope that helps!

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